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Ace and Will F. Wilbury have been long-term residents of The Traveling Wilburys' Dirty World and have always offered intelligent insights in to all Wilbury-related releases. Their comments on the message board have been appreciated, so it seems right that these two life-long fans should be given an official platform to voice their thoughts and opinions on all new releases that are offered by the members of the greatest band of all time. So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the other members of my gang...

Strumming To The Wilburys

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1. Tweeter And The Monkey Man
2. Handle With Care
3. Congratulations
4. End Of The Line
5. Cool Dry Place
6. Heading For The Light
7. Devils Been Busy
8. Dirty World
9. Your Not Alone
10. Last Night

I didn't recognize a lot of the songs on this CD when I first heard them. He slowed the songs down and changed a lot of the guitar work to his own. His style Is simple basic strumming that didn't fit the song at all without electric guitar or sax solos. He ignored the original rythym and sound of the Wilbury songs all together.

It sounds like he made this CD really quickly, no attention to detail or trademakrs of the Wilbury sound. I've heard better in the Wilbury Wannabe section of the message board.

This guy didn't have the energy or the feel of the Wilburys. It was too raw. He would have benefited from more of a complete band or someone to trade off on vocals. He needed a couple extra guitars (people that actually knew how to play), drums and if he coukd have found a sax it all would have helped.

His vocals were too weak, almost to a whisper on some tracks. His voice isn't demanding and doesn't have a presence. That's why he can't sing a Roy Orbison song or any song on this CD and give them justice.

Finally, this guy doesn't include a credit anywhere for himself or a record company. Who Is this guy? It would be nice to know a name. If I put this CD out, I wouldn't want my name on it either.

Last comments: Well I think this guy totally missed the idea of what the Wilburys were all about and this CD reflects that. Two Thumbs down.

February 2007

Modern Times
Bob Dylan

We decided to do things differently on this review - as our opinions differ we decided it would be best to write two separate reviews, so without further ado, lets hear from Will F Wilbury:

Bob Dylan, the great lyricist and a musical legend. Any new CD he puts out automatically will get attention because of who he is. Over his long career he has put out albums and singles that have undisputably been instant classics. You won't find any of that here with his latest album, Modern Times.

The title of this album is Modern Times. Funny, because the feel of this album is a lot older or retro.

This CD is rich, both in music, being a blues heavy album and of course lyrics. That's what you would expect from a Dylan album.

The guitarist did a good job featuring solos throughout the songs and not just somewhere in the middle, for example "Rolin and Tumblin" which is my favorite song on this album.

The songs are fairly long on average which made me think, come on lets get this one over with so I can get to the next one. The shortest song is around 4:55 and the longest being 8:48. The 10 songs featured on this album are decent but nothing more.

If you're a die-hard Bob Dylan fan and own all of his records, tapes and CDs, then for sure pick this up. For all the rest of his casual listeners it's not worth the $20.

Will F. Wilbury
September 2006

Now we pass things off to Ace, who has a different take on this album.

Thanks Will,

You know, Bob Dylan really surprised me on this album. He has given me something I have never seen from him before. This whole album has a very strong jazz influence (or full blown jazz songs such as: “Spirit on the Water”), which he combines with his folksy and yet beautifully simple storytelling/songwriting. This Jazz-Folk fusion is a breath of fresh air from a guy who has released 30 albums previous to this one, not to mention every song is between 5-9 minutes long (the shortest being “Someday Baby” at 4:55).

“Modern Times”, as the name implies, is a new take on his old music (I’m talking 30’s and 40’s style) and is quite possibly one of his best albums I have heard in a long time. One thing about Bob’s albums is you can never tell by listening what year the songs were released; a trait shared by fellow Wilbury Jeff Lynne. If you can still stomach Bob’s voice after all these years, then “Modern Times” is a must hear.

The only criticism I can possibly offer is that it doesn’t sound like Bob took any risks with this album, nothing extremely controversial. The whole album has a very simple/easy listening feel, and requires no intense thought to decipher his usually encrypted lyrics. None the less, “Modern Times” is an amazing album - 5/5 without a doubt.

Ace’s Personal Favorites: “When the Deal Goes Down”, “Working Mans Blues 2”.

Ace Wilbury
September 2006

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1. Thunder On The Mountain
2. Spirit On The Water
3. Rollin' and Tumblin'
4. When The Deal Goes Down
5. Someday Baby
6. Workingman's Blues #2
7. Beyond The Horizon
8. Nettie Moore
9. The Levee's Gonna Break
10. Ain't Talkin'

Highway Companion
Tom Petty

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1. Saving Grace
2. Square One
3. Flirting With Time
4. Down South
5. Jack
6. Turn This Car Around
7. Big Weekend
8. Night Driver
9. Damaged By Love
10. This Old Town
11. Ankle Deep
12. The Golden Rose

When we found out that Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Mike Campbell were back in the studio making a new album together we were very excited, but after listening to the entire album we were disappointed. We tried to give this album a chance but we just expected a lot more from Tom, Jeff and Mike. Where was the magic from Full Moon Fever? The few songs that are even worth discussing are as follows:

"Saving Grace" is a decent track but nothing more. Tom is taking legal action against The Red Hot Chilli Peppers for them using a similar rhythm/chord progression of "Last Dance with Mary Jane." So what does Tom do? He uses a similar rhythm to a ZZ Top song, "La Grange". All in all, it’s just not strong enough to be a single.

"Square One" has been out for a year or so from the Elizabethtown soundtrack, everyone already heard this song. Even so, it doesn’t command any special attention.

"Damaged by Love" is a strong classic Petty love song. Although in our opinion it’s another Petty classic, one good apple doesn’t save the batch.

"Big Weekend" kind of has that Traveling Wilbury’s flare to it.

"Night Driver", although not a great song in itself, it does include a George Harrison style guitar solo, which can be heard in Campbell’s playing style throughout the whole album.

It would have been nice to hear Jeff Lynne's great voice somewhere on this album or even a new studio recording of Handle with Care, featuring Jeff singing Roy's part. Tom loves this song, he performs it live every chance he gets, so why not as a treat at the end of the album for all the Wilbury diehards out there?

As a final comment, there was nothing about this album that made us say WOW. We wanted to hear one more classic song from Tom before he's done his career and we didn't get it here. Sorry Tom, but a Petty/Lynne production has very high expectations, and they just were not met this time around.

Ace & Will F. Wilbury
August 2006

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