The Traveling Wilburys Rereleased

On June 12th 2007, for the first time in 16 years, we saw a new official Traveling Wilburys release. The four formats it is available in are:

  • Standard Package - Features 2 CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, bonus DVD of content and a 16-page collectible book.
  • Deluxe Edition Set - Linen-bound deluxe edition features 2 CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, bonus DVD, and a 40-page collectible book with photos, original liner notes, new liner notes and a uniquely numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • Vinyl Edition - Features 2 vinyl releases of Volumes 1 and 3 with an additional 12-inch featuring bonus tracks, a collectible album-sized book, plus additional postcards/posters.
  • Digital Edition Bundle - Features downloadable editions of both CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, video content and an interactive booklet.
  • The features of note are the tracks 'Maxine' and 'Like A Ship', which had only been available as bootlegs. The new Wilbury Twist video will be interesting to see, as will The True History of The Traveling Wilburys feature.

    You can order them now from or

    How excited are we?

    To coincide, there is also now an official Traveling Wilburys site at

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