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Strumming Wilburys A Farce
Not only has the release of the Strumming Wilburys been delayed 3-6 weeks, but a cutting review has appeared on the site stating, amongst other things, "This is one guy and his guitar covering 11 Wilburys songs. The guy is uncredited." and "I'm not sure how legit this package is." and "This is $11.99 I wish I could get back.".
You can read our own resident reviewer's thoughts on our New Releases page.
[1st February 2007]

Strumming Wilbury's Tribute Album
A Traveling Wilburys tribute album has made a teasingly cryptic appearance in several places around the net, with various sites claiming the artists involved include Mick Ronson, Cheap Trick, Steve Jones, Sean Lennon and Everclear. Amazon is giving the release date as 30th January 2007 and is accepting pre-orders here.
Thanks to Kindall and Trevor for bringing this to my attention.
[5th January 2007]

Olivia Harrison Says Wilbury Album Will Be Reissued
Olivia Harrison has told that a reissue of the first Traveling Wilburys album is 'way overdue'. '[George] remastered this already in 2001 himself, but he didn't get a chance to finish it...And there's a lot of great material on that as well, so I'm just trying to get to it." No release date has been set. You can read the full story here.
[19th October 2006]

New Releases Reviewed
Ace and Will F. Wilbury have been long-term residents of The Traveling Wilburys' Dirty World and have always offered interesting opinions on all new Wilbury-related releases. It seems right that these two life-long fans should be given an official platform to voice their thoughts on New Releases. This new feature can be found here.
[18th August 2006]

The Traveling Wannabes
Finally, the first set of fan cover versions is available for you to listen to on The Traveling Wannabes page. Your submissions are still welcome.
[7th August 2006]

Wilburys Music Videos Now Online
You can now watch The Traveling Wilburys Music Videos, and more, on our videos page.
[3rd August 2006]

Wilburys.Info Counter Reaches 600,000
The number of visitors to this site recently reached 600,000. I just wanted to thank everyone who has visited, especially those of you that have returned and those of you who have utilised the message board. I'll keep trying to improve the site in the future and hopefully we'll be rewarded with a re-release some time soon.
You can still follow my travels around the world here.
[1st March 2006]

Concert For Bangladesh Reissued
The Concert For Bangladesh has been repackaged and reissued on CD and DVD and can be purchased through the links to the left. George and Bob are integral parts of the concert, along with Wilbury drummer Jim Keltner.
This is a very belated update due to the fact that I'm still backpacking!
[23rd February 2006]

Poll Results Now Available
The first poll to be featured on this website has finished. The question was 'Who would you like to see join The Traveling Wilburys?'. The results for this poll, and all future polls, can be found on the new Polls page.
[16th August 2005]

Tom Plays 'Handle With Care'
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers recent tour has seen 'Handle With Care' added to the set-list. "I always dedicate it 'to the Wilburys, wherever they're traveling tonight.' I'd resisted playing Wilburys songs, but when we did the Concert for George, that was one Olivia [Harrison] asked us to play."
[2nd August 2005]

'Conversations with Tom Petty' book
This compilation of interviews with Tom will be available at the end of 2005 and will give more insight in to The Traveling Wilburys. About 20 pages of this 384 page book reference the Wilburys. Petty (and Wilbury) fans can order it from or
[1st August 2005]

Your Traveling Wilbury cover versions wanted
I would be very interested in receiving mp3s of your cover versions of The Traveling Wilburys music, or your own music inspired by The Wilburys. These would be uploaded on to this site, and possibly one day collected and made available on a compilation album. If you would be interested then please email them to me at siscriATgmailDOTcom, or leave a message here. Thanks.
[10th July 2005]

Restless Farewell
I will be backpacking around the world for a few years so updates will be restricted to when I stop to 'work' for a while. Still, the info on this site should be sufficient. You can keep up-to-date with where I am at
Check out the new Message Board I set up if you have any questions or whatever. I will try to use it when I get the chance.
[26th February 2004]

George Harrisson Tribute Concert
On the one year anniversary of his death the Concert For George took place. Appearances were made by fellow Traveling Wilburys Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne, as well as many others including Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Bob Dylan was unable to make an appearance, but has been including a live version of George's 'Something' in his recent concerts.
The Wilburys' song 'Handle With Care' was performed by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison.
This is the second time a Wilbury song has been played live (Dylan once played 'Congratulations').
The CD and DVD of this concert are now available to buy.
[29th November 2002]

New Web Address
You can now find this website at the new and improved address of
[12th November 2001]

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