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She's My Baby
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Volume 1 and 3, along with DVD footage and bonus tracks, will be released on June 12th 2007. Check out our dedicated page here.
[27th May 2007]

Ace and Will F. Wilbury have been long-term residents of The Traveling Wilburys' Dirty World and have always offered interesting opinions on all new Wilbury-related releases. It seems right that these two life-long fans should be given an official platform to voice their thoughts on New Releases. This new feature can be found here.
[18th August 2006]

Finally, the first set of fan cover versions is available for you to listen to on The Traveling Wannabes page. Your submissions are still welcome.
[7th August 2006]

You can now watch The Traveling Wilburys Music Videos, and more, on the videos page. Check out our featured video: George Harrison performing 'If You Belonged To Me' live.
[3rd August 2006]

[Old news can be found HERE]

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