Luxury Bali Villa The Perfect Holiday Setting

The word luxury has connotations of splendor, magnificence, comfort, and opulence. Bali villas are a combination of all these, plus it is a personification of oriental charm. And it is maintained in such a way that it has become a byword for the well-known Balinese hospitality.

They range from one bedroom villas to five bedroom ones. A single guest or a couple will obviously need only a one bedroom villa while a five bedroom villa will make it easy for a large group of travellers to stay together under the same roof.

There are typically two construction styles in Bali. There is the contemporary architectural style which is in most cases painted white, and this style is preferred more by Asian tourists. Another is the wooden joglo style which is preferred by European tourists.

Sometimes old, high-ceilinged joglo houses are converted into modern villas by modifying parts of it. Some of the luxury villas are located away from the hustle and bustle of the city while others are located in the posh areas near the city center.

The advantage of staying in those near the city center is that they provide easy access to shopping centers, night entertainment venues etc. However, even those close to the heart of the city are built in such a way that they offer ample privacy.

A luxury villa is the embodiment of comfort and safety. Since round the clock security is provided at all villas, there is least threat of theft, or of other inconveniences like stray animals trespassing into the property. And the security is provided in such a way that it does not infringe upon your privacy in any manner.

Villas built near the beach invariably offer a private beach to the customers, while poolside villas have a private pool surrounded by colorful sun umbrellas and lounge chairs. Poolside villas are set around the swimming pool. Breakfast is complimentary in most villas and other meals can be ordered to be served at the times you choose.

Since vegetables, seafood, and other cooking ingredients are purchased from the shops on a daily basis, they are not charged for at restaurant rates. The cooks are experts in many culinary styles, and as a result your menu choices will also be quite wide.

While booking a villa, it is important to check what all are included in the package. Besides breakfast, airport pickup and transfer are complimentary in many cases. Certain villa packages include sightseeing tours while others offer water sports provisions or recreations like bungee jumping or scuba diving.

Choose the package that will suit your or your group’s interests and needs best. In all the luxury villas, room décor is perfect, bed linen and window curtains are exquisite, villa is fully air-conditioned, there is hot water facility, and there is provision for beverages like tea and coffee throughout the day.

If you find anything that is not the way it is expected, you have the freedom to make suggestions and help improve the situation.